Angry Anomaly

Meet an Angry Anomaly

The Angered Anomaly is a creature that places a time limit on a level. This is a hard limit, as passing over it will most definitely result in your violent demise. This creature shows up 10 seconds after you do, in the same spot, no less. It is similar to Marble Man and all other Mimic Enemies in that it will copy your every move on a delay and is utterly indestructible.

However, the Anomaly will do everything that you do in slow-motion, lagging behind you as you jog laps around the sluggish creature. But your pompous victory jog will not last long, as gradually it will speed up its playback of you, eventually reaching, and then surpassing, your speed.

Should it collide with you, a substantial amount of damage will be taken and it will warp back several seconds and slowing down slightly to allow you several seconds to reevaluate your life descisions. It will catch up soon, and repeat the process, and once it has reached this loop of hitting you, your chances of survival become miniscule.


It seems to be a bipedal figure with large piercing eyes and even more piercing claws. It is hunched over and its skin is covered in a space texture with varying colours of stars, based on variant.


The Anomaly did not need many variants. Its deadly and effective enough to begin with, killing you was never really that hard. But I added variants, I strived to kill you better, faster, and stronger.

Angered Anomaly

Your garden variety malevolent spirit. It will start 2x slower than you, but become 0.5x faster each minute. Should you plan on spending 4 minutes on this level, a very angry someone will be 10 seconds away from telling you off. It has nice yellow stars for texture.

  • HP: Kill It, You Won't
  • Speed: Accelerating
  • Damage: High

Ire Irregularity

Goodness, this one is even angrier. It starts even slower but accelerates much faster. It would also like you to spend only 4 minutes on this level, but will be much angrier if you ignore its suggestion. It becomes 1x faster each minute, starting 4x slower than you. Once the fourth minute passes, it will catch up to you very quickly. It has less nice red stars for texture.

  • HP: Not Destructable
  • Speed: Accelerating
  • Damage: Very High

Raging Rarity

It's not every day you find an evil demon this incredibly angry. This one is much stricter, giving you 3 and a half minutes to clean up your act. It will also accelerate at 2x faster each minute. Sure it starts 7x slower than you do, but it needs a little caffine to get going. It has spooky purple stars for texture.

  • HP: Undying
  • Speed: Accelerating
  • Damage: Super High