Blood Eagle

Terror of the Crimson Skies, the Blood Eagle, a being of putrid gore and ancient bone.

It is a skyfaring beast, able to soar great heights, it brings death from above. When it is near enough to the player, it will blast high into the sky and dive downwards at them.

To propel itself into the air, it will spew gore from its large mouth, down at the ground. This stream of gore deals damage, and stronger variants may give it a puddle of acid.


Variety is the spice of life. Demonic blood-chickens can always use a little spice.

Blood Eagle

Spews itself high into the sky.

  • HP: Average
  • Speed: Normal to Fast (Spew Ascent) to Warp Speed (Spew Descent)
  • Damage: High

Blood Falcon

Spews itself half as high, but does it more often and faster.

  • HP: Good
  • Speed: Normal to Very Fast (Spew Ascent) to FTL (Spew Descent)
  • Damage: Very High

Blood Albatross

Spews twice as high, but this takes a bit longer. Blood Albatross will glide in the air at high speeds to get above the player, and then dive.

If the Player kills it, they can get the Blood Wing, a passive item that allows the Player to charge their jumps, greatly increasing their height if charged up for long enough. At full charge, it sends the Player five times higher than a regula jump, and the Player will deal damage should they land on the heads of enemies.

  • HP: High
  • Speed: Normal to Fast (Glide) to Very Fast (Spew Ascent) to FTL (Spew Descent)
  • Damage: Incredible