Clutch Creature

The Clutch Creature

The Clutch Creature is a levitating enemy that is far more strategic than other monsters.


It is a very resourceful creature, moving items and physics props to create barricades in front of doorways. It will hide near its barricade and will ambush the player when they come near. It is harmless if the player avoids its barricade, but occasionally it will obstruct vital doorways and dismantling the barricade and facing off against the Clutch Creature will be necessary. It attacks by charging at the player and sometimes pausing to float higher into the air.


The Clutch Creature walks upon two large hands roughly the size of the rest of its body. It has one eye with four eyelashes and a hairy eyebrow. It will commonly stick out one of its four fingers to signal an attack.


Clutch Creature