The Clutchtar will attempt to confuse the player by producing a wide circular smile that will literly take up half of its face. Once smiling the Clutchtars eyes will literally pop its eyes out of their sockets. This has a high chance of causing a confusion effect on the player. Once the player is confused the Clutchtar will attack the player with the staff of slow roasts. The Clutchtar can be found in the park area eating a bucket of fried chicken.


The Clutchtar looks like a potato with a bad hairline. When attacked, the Clutchtar is recognisable by a giant evil smile and eyes poped out of their sockets.


Basic Clutchtar

The basic Clutchtar deals low damage, though, staff of slow roasting will both physically and emotionally harm you: Easy Fight

Blacker Clutchtar

The blacker Clutchtar deals medium damage, its staff of slow roasting glows an omnious dark red: Homo

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