Demon Nose of Birmingham

The Demon Nose of Birmingham is a demonic creature that does not attack the player directly. It seeks to be in the general area of the player, but will not attack when near. Instead, it will wander mindlessly whenever in vicinity to the player, leaving behind a snaking trail of acidic mucus. It appears to be a green nose on legs.


"It was a cold, rainy evening in Birmingham. The cobblestone that lined the roads glistened with icy water, fresh from the stormy tempest above. I was walking home from the shoe factory on this night, the oil street lamps cast an eerie orange glow out into the cold.

I had found myself on the very outskirts of Birmingham, in the distance I could see the rest of civilization, obscured by a pale fog. Looking far off into the fog, I spotted an odd figure. It was inhuman, a creature unfamiliar to this world. Strange and abominable, I tensed up as it approached. I scream for help, the creature was in clear view now.

Its wrinkled worn skin was putrid and slick. It seemed to be a nose with legs, coming straight for me. Fleeing away into the wilderness, it seemed somehow offended as I ran away. It had simply been strolling as I had, perhaps to its own home to its own family. I was too afraid to ask, I had an irrational fear of noses." -Ploomutoo 74


The statistical stuff for the Demon Nose of Birmingham.

Demon Nose of Birmingham

The classic nose.

  • HP: Very High
  • Speed: Average
  • Damage: Average (Mucus)

Satanic Nose of Birmingham

The super nose.

  • HP: Very High
  • Speed: Fast
  • Damage: High (Mucus)

The Forsaken Nose from Hell

The best nose. Now will randomly spew mucus into the air.

  • HP: Astronomical
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Damage: Very High (Mucus)