A basic Elliot.

Not to be confused with Elliot (Character).

The Elliots are weak and swarmy creatures, designed to test if the player has enough grenades or other area of affect attacks.


They appear as seagulls with above average size and brutally sharp claws. Higher leveled ones will have different color schemes.


Large swarms of Elliots pointlessly fly around the area until they spot the player. Then they will ruthlessly charge and attempt to kill him before the Elliots die. Higher level Elliots may withdraw upon taking significant losses and attack the player while they are fighting another enemy.



The weakest of the elliots, can be taken down with a single grenade.

HP: Fragile

Damage: Low

Speed: Flighty


Demonic seagulls straight out of hell, their advanced tactics such as splitting up to avoid being killed by a single grenade makes them formidable foes.

HP: Flimsy

Damage: Below Average

Speed: Flighty


Angelic Elliots that can't be destroyed with a single grenade, they also are surrounded by an aura of healing, so killing a mob of Angelliots can be very difficult. They pose a large threat to your well-being.

HP: Low

Damage: Average

Speed: Extreme