Gaiavarice is the boss monster of The Park, and is a collosal tree creature with three eyes.


It appears in a subterranean parking garage level, several levels are built around a central column, in which Gaivarice resides. The player will spawn at the bottom and must climb the structure to avoid its roots, which ascend slowly.

Gaiavarice will also slowly move upwards, and attack the player with its vines and mouth. Vines will try to push the player towards it, and it can deal incredible amounts of damage at close range.

The player must damage Gaivarice by driving the cars parked in the garage into Gaivarice. Cars will seldom be found pointed towards it, so the player will likely have to push the cars into the right position. When activated, the cars will drive forwards at high speeds and then explode upon hitting anything.

Some cars will be locked, and the vines that Gaiavarice summons drop keys to unlock them for use against it.


  • HP: 8 Car Hits
  • Damage: High
  • Speed: Sluggish