The Player is the character you play with. The first character you recieve upon begining the game is Franko del Frank. You can unlock more advanced characters by completing tasks.

An uneventful imagining of the HUD

Hud Tud

A slightly more eventful HUD


  • 2 Weapon Slots (Hold 2 Weapons at a Time)
  • 1 Use Item (Grenades, Healthkits)
  • Health
  • Stamina
  • Gun Ammo
  • Money
  • Keys

Playable Characters

Franko Del Frank

  • Height: 2 Meters
  • Weight: 90 Kilograms
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Occupation: Manifacturings Supervisor

Unlock: The starting character, is unlocked by launching the game.

Natara Wescott

  • Height: 1.8 Meters
  • Weight: 75 Kilograms
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Occupation: Resort Manager

Unlock: Destroy 10 Snowmen across runs. They are found uncommonly in The Hyperborean, usually within enemy settlements.

The Experiment

  • Height: 2.4 Meters
  • Weight: 105 Kilograms
  • Nationality: Unknown
  • Occupation: Test Subject

Unlock: Found within vats inside of a secret room in The Matrix.

Pablo Jośe Kristobal

  • Height: 2.2 Meters
  • Weight: 95 Kilograms
  • Nationatlity: Mexican-American
  • Occupation: Veteran

Unlock: Help fend off a crowd of Elliots in Metropolis.

Damian Cray

  • Height: 1.6 Meters
  • Weight: 70 Kilograms
  • Nationality: [TO DO]
  • Occupation: "Small Loan of a Million Dollars" Recipient

Unlock: Find his corpse in Cray Towers in the Metropolis.

Petey Parkson

  • Height: 1.8 Meters
  • Weight: 90 Kilograms
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Vigilante

Unlock: Kill 3 enemies with the Grappling Hook.


  • Height: 1.4 Meters
  • Weight: 2 Kilograms
  • Nationality: "Upper Middle-Class"
  • Occupation: Bird

Unlock: Find his corpse in the complexes of 200,000,000 Leagues Under.

Lilian Runnisen

  • Height: 2 Meters
  • Weight: 100 Kilograms
  • Nationality: English
  • Occupation: Athlete

Unlock: Complete any level in under a minute.


  • Height: 1.4 Meters
  • Weight: 60 Kilograms
  • Nationality: Babylonian
  • Occupation: Folksy-Wisdom Dispenser

Unock: Complete the final area once.


  • Height: 1.8 Meters
  • Weight: 85 Kilograms
  • Nationality: Seripite
  • Occupation: Mayor

Unlock: Complete the entirety of Hellspring, the first area to introduce lesser monsters, without killing any lesser monsters.

Scott Rhodes

  • Height: 2.4 Meters
  • Weight: 100 Kilograms
  • Nationality: Moroccan
  • Occupation: Bishop

Unlock: Reach the 6th area without damaging anyone.


  • Height: 2 Meters
  • Weight: 30 Kilograms
  • Nationality: Unknown
  • Occupation: Store Display

Unlock: Die 100 times.

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