Satanic Stone

The Satanic Stone is a stone statue of a humanoid creature with a deformed face and pentagram necklace. It exists to make spending time in certain areas more risky, as it is harmless if avoided but comes to life if the Player hangs around it for too long.


It will be pretrified in place nearby to collections of treasure and will come to life unless the Player is nearby for too long. The Stone will spawn in multiple places on the map to make it a slightly more persistent threat, its timer is only partially carried over between locations, with half of the timer applying to one statue carry over to all other statues.

Satanic Stone Diagram

A Diagram.

Whenever the Player is within its range, an ominous vignette will appear onscreen to warn the player that they are near to it. The vignette will gradually intensify as the Player hangs around, and eventually the Stone will begin to shake violently, communicating to the Player that it will soon spring to life if they do not leave immediately. Once it comes to life, the message "A SATANIC BEING OF OLD RISES FROM HELL", and it springs into action. It cannot be disposed of, being invulnerable to all known laws of aviation and forms of attack. It also knows the Player's exact location at all times.


There are several flavors of Satanic Stone. Butter Pecan is the best one. All Variants will allow the Player 45 seconds near themselves before flipping out, (unless otherwise stated).

Satanic Stone

Invulnerable stone creature, a violent introvert in desperate need of some alone time.

  • HP: Invincible
  • Speed: Immobile (Undisturbed) to Fast (Perturbed)
  • Damage: High

Superior Stone

Even more invulnerable stone creature, when it reaches its final state of extreme anger, it will teleport next to the Player and then come to life. It also reflects any attacks directed at it back at you, giving additional incentive to not shooting the invincible homicidal rock.

  • HP: Extra Invincible (So still Invincible)
  • Speed: Immobile (Undisturbed) to Very Fast (Perturbed)
  • Damage: Very High


Wears a viking hat and shoots fireballs when angered. Leaves a trail of flames wherever it goes, and can slowly move towards the player when in stone form. It cannot directly deal damage while in stone form but the trail of fire it leaves can be an inconvenience.

  • HP: Both Invincible and Invulnerable, (No, you can't kill It)
  • Speed: Slow (Undisturbed) to Warp Speed (Perturbed)
  • Damage: Average (Trail of Flames) to High (Fireball) to Incredible (Contact)

Drops a Wretched Rune if the player manages to trigger 4 Ragnastones on the same level. The fourth one will not become agressive and peacefully phase out of existence, dropping the Rune.

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