The Hyperborean, a cruel and frozen wasteland inhabited by only the most resilient creatures. The land of the Hyperborean is precarious and far above the clouds. Land seems to have formed in a series of layers, stacked atop each other, gradually growing smaller and smaller. These treacherous spires are connected by stonw bridges, presumably built by the indigenous Tundrans. The Birdfoot Face has stayed behind back in Hellspring where it is warmer.

Hyper Borean

Level 1

Entering through a great stone gate, the land surrounding is a collection of spires, connected by stone bridges. Lower layers of the spire are accessible by stairways and natural slopes, and some even connect to other spires. Igloo-like structures housing the Tundrans are placed at the top of the spires, and at the bottom lay bottomless pits.


A Tundran

Level 2

This level has far fewer bridges at the top, forcing the player to travel downwards to reach the other spires. Tunnels leading through the spires have appeared, and some are hidden behind locked doors, but lead to item stashes. The exit gate has been placed atop a high spire.

Level 3

This level is the most precarious, only a few lower layers are left on the spires. With only 2 or 3 layers below the top, there isn't much land left to cling on to should you fall off of the one of the many long, stone bridges, into the bottomless abyss below.