The Tundrans are a race of ice creatures, with large heads and legs, with pointy icicles jutting out from all over. They are Lesser Enemies and are found in The Hyperborean

Tundran New



They usually live alone, or in small groups, inside of the igloos found perched atop of mountains. However, on occasion small villages will form, spanning several adjacent mountains and encompassing a large cluster of the igloos. They tend to wander around, though they will not stray too far from their residences.


When they notice you, they will chase you and attempt to headbutt you. They move much faster than Seripites, but their attacks are delayed, allowing time for dodging. Because of their speed, they cannot usually be outrun, but they will become bored and walk to their homes if they player takes them far away enough and has attacked them for a while.


  • HP: Low (60)
  • Speed: Fast (9x)
  • Damage: High (22)